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Bride-to-Be Ultimate Roll™

The Ultimate Drink & Dare Party Dice

It’s her last night out as a single lady and there’s no better way to create an unforgettable event then with our Bride-to-Be Ultimate Roll™ drink & dare party dice.  Take turns rolling the dice to create hilarious dares that will have you and your friends, laughing, drinking and partying all night long.

How to Play: Bride-to-be rolls first, rolling all four dice together. Once rolled, follow the instructions that correspond with the roll of the dice, lightest to darkest.

For example, the GIRL ON RIGHT, will TAKE A SIP, USE A FOREIGN ACCENT, and then SPANK GUYS BUTT. Once the dares have been performed (and witnessed by all) the next player (on the left) will roll the dice and so on….


Bride-to-Be Where is He?™

The Ultimate Guy Hunt Party Dice!

Forget about looking for Mr. Right, this dice game is all about looking for Mr. Right now! 

From ridiculous to outrageous, Bride-to-Be Where is He?™ will provide countless hours of side-splitting entertainment.  Perfect for bachelorette parties, birthday parties, hen night, or girls’ night out. 

Decide who rolls first, and then roll all four dice together. Once rolled, follow the steps 1 thru 4 below! For example, find the TATTOO GUY, CHUG HIS BEER, PINCH HIS BUTT, and then choose a player from the party group to PERFORM OLDIE’S DANCE.

Once the dares have been performed, the next player will roll the dice and so on….



Bride to Be IOU Dare Game

Want to make your Bachelorette party a hit?  We dare you not to have fun with this exciting and hilarious Bachelorette party game.

From mild to outrageous, the secret party dares will provide hours of amusing entertainment for everyone.

Turn red with embarrassment as you and your friends flash your undergarments to complete strangers, intentionally pinch a guy’s butt but pretend it was an accident, keep a straight face while you hit on guys that you have absolutely no interest in, and get giddy as you consume alcohol in new and inventive ways. 

How to Play: The Bachelorette decides how the game will be played. The pull-tabs can either be equally distributed by the Bachelorette at the beginning of the party, giving each partygoer the entire night to complete their dares, or the Bachelorette can takes turns giving each partygoer, including herself, one dare at a time.  Another fun alternative is to have the Bachelorette choose a dare card, read it aloud, then assign the dare to a party member of her choosing.  Either way, this game will get the party started and have everyone laughing all night long.

Content 55 Pull Tab Cards


Buy a guy a drink and tell him he’s cute!

Get a guy to dance naughty for you!

Get two guys to dance with you.

Tell a guy, “you look overdressed, how about removing your underwear?”


The One and Only Double Sided Truth or Dare Party Centerpiece Collections!

Bride to Be, Party, and Wild Willy's!



Forget about all of those boring centerpieces that don’t offer any entertainment. Our 3 different decorative centerpieces cleverly contains the ever-popular Truth or Dare party game. Complete with 32 unique activities, our double-sided centerpieces will not only set the theme but will also provide hysterics and outrageous entertainment making your next bridal shower, bachelorette party or hen party a night to remember!

CONTENTS: 1 double-sided centerpiece with 32 different activities and 2 plastic spinners.



Have you ever looked at the coaster underneath your drink and thought, "Hey, why is this coaster not providing me with any sort of entertainment?" We have the solution. Besides warding off water rings and fancying up any drink that you place on them, our sparkling drinkcoasters feature the ever popular and very funny Truth-or-Dare party game. These brilliant coasters have a total of 32 different activities to perform while sipping wine (or beer) with friends. And I dare say, these coasters are an excellent party starter! Perfect for Bachelorette and Hen Parties!

3 PARTY CONFETTI: Willy & Ring Bling.

It’s party time! Add a little bling to your next Bridal Shower, Bachelorette Party, Birthday Party, or Hen Night.  Perfect For: Gift Bags* Invitations* Greeting Cards*Party Decorations



It’s her last night out as an unhitched woman so let the Bride-to-Be take one last walk on the wild side with this hilarious party game. Act out amusing dares, tell naughty truths, and knock back your favorite drinks as you challenge partygoers to participate in outrageously entertaining antics! It doesn’t matter if you’re the bride-to-be, one of the bride’s maids, or just a friend -- Spin the Bride-to-Be game will have everyone laughing all night long.

CONTENTS: 30 Dare Cards, 30 Truth Cards and 1 Spinner Board.

Antics range from fairly tame to side-splitting hysterical.




Love To Party Heart

The Ultimate Girls Night Out Mystery Party Game! Perfect For: Hen Night,Bachelorette Parties, or Girl's Night Out! With 20 different challenges, from mild to the most outrageous, the Love To Party heart will provide hours of side-splitting laughter guaranteeing that your next Girls Night Out, Bachelorette Party, Hen Party, or Birthday Party will be a party worth remembering.


How To Play: Players take turns shaking the heart to expose concealed challenges. Once revealed, the player must complete the challenge. Only one challenge may be performed per player per turn.


20 Activities

  1. Everyone Drink
  2. Do A Dare
  3. Bark Like A Dog
  4. Snort Like A Pig
  5. Cluck Like A Chicken
  6. Sing Out loud
  7. Take A Shot
  8. Dance Like A Ballerina
  9. Dance With Girl
  10. Fake Orgasm
  11. Perform Oldies Dance
  12. Burp Out Loud
  13. Tell A Truth
  14. Spank A Butt
  15. Do Dirty Dance
  16. Everyone Scream
  17. Yell “Let’s Party”
  18. Use Foreign Accent
  19. Chug A Beer
  20. Sing Nursery Rhyme


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