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Strip “Bedroom Blocks”

How will your sex life stack up?

OBJECT OF THE GAME:  The initial object of Bedroom Blocks is to get you and your lover stripped naked.  Once in the buff, you can then take part in the many teasing foreplay activities.    Anticipation increases with each touch of a block.  Unlimited Game Possibilities!

CONTENTS:24 wooden blocks, 48 different activities printed on the blocks. Each block is also numbered from 1 thru 24 for alternate game play options. 

(For 2 or more players.)


Create your tower by placing the blocks on a flat sturdy surface, 3 blocks per layer, text side down and alternating directions by layer. Using only one hand at a time, lovers take turns carefully removing a loose block from anywhere below the top level and acting out the activity printed on the block. (Prior to game play, choose one of the 4 game play options or create your own.) Once complete, stack the block back on the top level and the next player takes a turn and so on. Keep removing and stacking blocks until someone knocks the tower over.  There are no losers in this game!

Full Disclosure

Want to have a sexy night you’ll never forget?  With “Full Disclosure” you’ll not only disclose all your naughty little secrets, you’ll also learn all about your lover’s kinks, desires and fantasies- all while getting stripped down in the buff.  Our naughty spin on the classic truth or dare game features 120 enticing truth and dare activities and a whole lot of naughty extras. Do you dare to play?

Contents: 1 Instruction Card, 1 Activity Spinner, 60 Playing Cards (with 120 Truth and Dare Activities) and 1 Bonus Sex Card.

How to Play: Decide who will spin first. Play begins by having one player spin the spinner and land on one of the 5 strip activities to determine how many articles of clothing to take off and how.  Players take turns until each player is completely naked. Once naked, it’s time to play truth or dare.  Place the truth or dare activity cards face down between both players. Take turns drawing one card at a time. The player drawing a card must read the truth and dare activity out loud and choose to perform one of the two options on the card. 


Bring Sexy Back

Into the Bedroom!


Bring Sexy Back is an exciting game for lovers who want add a little experimentation and imagination into their sex lives and turn every sex session into their own fantasy adventure. Enjoy many new levels of sexual fulfillment, guaranteed to bring the Sexy Back into your Bedroom!

Contents: 1 Activity Die, 90 Activity Cards, and 1 Game Spinner

How to Play:

Shuffle the cards and place the deck face down. Play begins by rolling the lips activity dice to determine who will play first (pink lips for one player, black lips for the other).  The first player chosen will then spin the spinner to determine the number of cards they can select from the 90 activity cards in the deck.  Once the player has chosen their cards, they can select to use as many of those cards they want and their opponent will have to perform those chosen activities with them. Once the activities are performed, play continues and the next player has a turn to roll the dice and so on. 






Getting Naked

The initially, the object of the game is to get both you and your lover stripped completely naked. Once complete, you can then explore your hidden desires and fantasies using the steamy activity cards. The activity cards are divided into 2 categories: “Fantasy & Sex” and “Fun & Foreplay.” Contents: 1 game spinner and 60 unique activity cards (30 cards per category).Getting Naked is Only Half The Fun!



The Bedroom Game!

“Explore your Hidden Desires and Fantasies using each of the Six Bedroom Categories.
" 90 Unique Activity Cards ranging from Foreplay to Sexual Positions!

The category cards are comprised of 6 categories:
Sex & Positions, Bondage & Fetish, Edibles & Body Toppings, Teasing, Tickling, & Seduction, Role-Play & Fantasy, and Foreplay & Romance.




Secret Romance!

100 Ways to Say I Love You!!

Sweet, sexy, fun, loving, and most of all – romantic.  Show your lover how much you love them without saying a word!  Secret Romance will give you the opportunity to express your love in 100 romantic ways.  

As often as you like, you and your lover can take turns by exchanging Secret Romance cards.   These are secrets so don’t show your lover - just follow the instructions on the card.


Get Nasty!

With Get Nasty you'll discover inventive ways to heat up the passion and anticipation in your relationship.  If your sex life is lacking excitement and intrigue then you definitely need "Get Nasty"

An irresistible nasty game for you and your lover!  Contents: 57 Hidden Get Nasty Pull-Tab Cards 









Private Pleasures!  

What Happens in the Bedroom

…..Stays in the Bedroom!




With Private Pleasures you’ll discover new and exciting ways to both give and receive pleasure.  Moreover, by playing, you’ll be able to turn your bedroom into the ultimate sexual playground; a place where you’ll spend countless hours achieving greater levels of sexual fulfillment.

 Contents: 1 game die, and 60 category cards.

The cards are comprised of 3 categories:  Sensual Kisses, Sexual Adventures, & Tantalizing Teasing.



“Love Shop” 


The Shop category cards are comprised of 5 categories:

Sex & Toy Shop, Fetish Shop, Fun & Giggles Shop, Fantasy Shop, and Foreplay & Romance Shop.

Warning: Be prepared for anything! In order to take full advantage of the cards, make sure you plan ahead by having items such as ice cubes, flavored body toppings, massage oil, and arousing objects on hand as essential tools for both pleasure and excitement.


 Explore your Hidden Desires and Fantasies using each of the Five Shop Categories.

60 Unique Activity Cards ranging from Foreplay to Sexual Positions!


Contents: 1 Spinner Card, 5 different Shop Cards, 12 activities in each Shop.

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